Steven Felmore

Steven Felmore

Illustrator and Artist

Drawing and painting Nature has always been my Passion, and the result of this are shown here as illustration portfolios and art galleries.

The Illustrator

I am a versatile, multi-disciplined illustrator who employs traditional and digital media using Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter and Cinema4D on the Macintosh to produce illustrations of exceptional detail and quality – well at least I do strive for this!

Whilst most of my work are formal depictions of wine farms for labels and fruits for packaging, I also enjoy humorous tongue-in-cheek editorial images, architectural and technical work for book publishing, as well as anatomical and medical operation procedures.

For illustration enquiries, please visit my “Contact” page.

View the Fynbos Suite Video –

The Artist

Sir Kenneth Clarke:  ‘I have never seen anything quite like your work before … not derivative … original.’ .

Eldred Green: “Gems of texture, balance and colour … he certainly has something to say.”

Due to a consuming illustration career I have had infrequent public Fine Art exhibitions although I have always painted since I can remember.

My preferred medium of expression is oil painting done in the traditional way on stretched canvas, using many layers of paint and glazes and the very best quality paints – my motto is: Quality without compromise!

My inspiration is Nature, especially Fynbos, and the main artists who have influenced me are: Vermeer, Manet, Whistler, the contemporary Marc Bohne, and the late Ryno Swart. These artists might not relate to what I do, but it is their sensitive approach to art and nature that have inspired me.

At present I am creating the “Fynbos Suite” – portraying the Fynbos Biome in the Cape Peninsula mountain reserve areas, and the sensitivity and fragility of this ecosystem.

The Fynbos Suite are not botanical depictions of the perfect species, but rather a subjective impression of how the Fynbos appeared on that particular day and light, when I felt inspired to create what I saw and responded to.

View the Fynbos Suite Video –

I accept commissions and a few of these are included in my Gallery.